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SGM Jinqiao Skylights Robot Sorting Project

2017-06-30 Reading 13110 Form:Anji Black Technology I

[Project Background]

Automobile parts sorting is all done by manual operation, which easily causes unreasonable man-machine engineering and waste of space, moreover, quality of manual sorting is difficult to guarantee due to high mobility of operator. In order to improve this situation, SAIC-GM and Shanghai Anji initiate to develop skylight robot sorting and gradually improve inbound logistics automation and intelligent level.

[Application Technology]

It is the first time the following technologies are applied in the context of vehicle parts logistics:

1. 3D visual identification technology (has obtained grasping structure patent);

2. Two-tier storage rack with high precision;

3. Automatic sorting by mechanical arm;

4. Docking mechanical arm with AGV system

[Significance of the Project]

The project is the first robot sorting equipment in vehicle parts logistics industry, the first autonomous planning, and the first intelligent logistics project by independent enforcement. It has provided a wealth of accumulated experience for planning and enforcement of other types of intelligent logistics project in the future, gradually promotes automobile logistics industry automation and informationization, and make intelligent logistics and industry 4.0 perform well in SAIC.

[Robot Paw Has a Variety of Functions]

  • Skylight Suction and Vacuum Detection Function -- Firmly Grasp
  • Skylight Category Identification (Vision) Function -- Part Error Proofing
  • Skylight Quantity Judgment Function (Laser Ranging) - Quantity Inspection
  • Feed Box Bar Code Reading Function (Visual Identification) -- Bar Code Reading
  • Supplemental Lighting Apparatus for Lower Material Capture -- Capture Supplemental Lighting
  • Electromagnet Adsorption Mechanism -- Guard against Falling
  • Sliding Secondary Protection Mechanism -- Guard against Falling

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