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SGM Jinqiao Driverless Forklift Project

2017-07-25 Reading 13275 Form:Anji Black Technology II

[Project Background]

There is large number of parts in auto parts warehouse, and it requires careful and dedicated work of workers to make them neatly stacked and is challenging to some degree. And long-hours high-intensity work affect operators' work state. SAIC-GM makes pilot self-driving forklifts project to study the feasibility of applying self-driving technology in parts warehouse, gradually realizes automation and intellectualization of inbound logistics.

[Application Technology]

Application in the context of SAIC-GM logistics for the first time;

1. Laser navigation technology

2. Self-driving technology

3. High precision limiter (has applied for patent)

4. Altitude (above 7m) advancement self driving forklift

5. Online self-charging technology

[Significance of the Project]

The project is the first self-driving forklift in SAIC-GM logistics area to study the application of laser navigation technology for the first time, which provides a wealth of experience for planning and enforcement of other types of intelligent logistics project in the future, gradually improves the automation and informatization of vehicle logistics industry, and make intelligent logistics and industry 4.0 perform well in SAIC.

[Project technical characteristic— — laser navigation]

Principle of laser navigation is to use accuracy and non-divergence of laser to pinpoint the self-driving forklift and provide guidance.

Baffle plates with certain intervals is prepared in the working space of self-driving forklift, the marching FLV emits laser through on-board rotary laser head, which returns from the original path after scanning all over and reflected on baffle plate, the coordinate of laser rotary center can be calculated with a series of reflection angle of baffle plate. The location of carrier can be obtained after computation by on-board computer and the goods can be delivered to destination from the path thus planned.

[Project technical characteristics— — safety protection]

1. Safety laser: safety laser scanning distance is tunable from 0 to 10m; scan range is divided into three areas, namely, safety zone, buffer zone, and emergency stop zone, which is adjustable within the limits of 0 degree to 270 degree. When obstacle enters buffer zone, pulling AGV slows down automatically, when obstacle enters emergency stop zone, AGV stops immediately and resume normal driving after obstacle is removed.

2. Photoelectric switch: ensure safety and normal operation of forklift in lifting and unloading.

3. On-board warming device: acousto-optic on-board warming device will be provided on roof of AGV, sound and light warming will be given to warm passengers and other cars at intersections.

4. Remote monitoring: notify AGV monitoring system through wireless communication system, current status and text reminder will be displayed on the console.

5. Two emergency stop switches will be provided on both sides of the vehicle.

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