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Empty plastic boxes automatic sorting and stacking project

2017-08-31 Reading 22665 Form:Anji Black Technology III

[Project Background]

  • Jiangsu Anji LOC2 east side rain shed, semi-open environment
  • Empty plastic boxes sorting is done in traditional manual mode, which requires a number of workers, is inferior in man-machine engineering, and high in damage rate of boxes.

[Project technical characteristics— — automatic pallet separating machine]

Traditional separation of pallets by hand is low in work efficiency and high in labor intensity because the nine-foot grid pallet is difficult to be separated after they are piled up with the feet being interconnected closely.

Nine-foot grid pallet automatic separating machine realizes automatic separation of pallets in automatic production, which ensures continuous automatic production, improves work efficiency and reduces labor intensity.

Stacking robot is provided in plastic boxes stacking area to improve efficient and guarantee accuracy and reasonableness of stacking.

Daily stacking amount is as high as over 20,000 pcs, number of worker required is reduced by 50% and labor loading is decreased by over 10%.

“Empty boxes automatic and stacking system" is a typical intellectualization operation project in the chain of empty boxes operation in domestic vehicle logistics industry, which includes automatic transport, intelligent identification, sorting and stacking. It makes self-operated control of cycle time through inspection to realize handling of empty boxes in various specifications, and transferred by RGV to truss robot for top cover cladding, average daily process load of empty boxes can reach over 20,000pcs; full automation of that work station is achieved with significant efficiency enhancement by downsizing.

[Project technical characteristics— — manipulator]

Sponge sucking disc is adopted, which has high suction force for object of uneven or irregular surface and can work in special environments that is moist or dusty.

Such sponge sucking disc has built-in vacuum generator and multi- air suction ports in the bottom, which control suction through one-way magnet-valve and thus absorbs the object. Unlike other suction plates, even the object being absorbed is not completely absorbed, sponge sucking disc still has good suction effect, thus it can more effectively realize suction and displacement of objects in various shapes. Besides, sponge sucking disc has the advantage of light weight, diversified dimension and low cost.

[Project technical characteristics— — contour detection]

Contour detection is made more difficult due to inconsistency in placement posture of objects, thus diagonal roller conveyor is provided on sorting line of plastic boxes, which makes plastic boxes recline to one side of transport line and in regular position, and the posture is therefore adjusted.

Plastic boxes after posture adjustment are inspected for length, width, height and positive and negative placement through a series of sensing devices.

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