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Vehicle key cabinet

2017-11-29 Reading 25049 Form:Anji Black Technology V


Prevent the keys being purposefully stolen, or provide a detailed retrospective basis in case of losing keys.

  • Whole sealing aluminum alloy structure: preventing violence and destruction
  • Instruction & identity verification: Effective control of applicable group to prevent the unauthorized extraction of keys
  • Access to electronic records: track key transferring information
  • Hand control: restore the key - access scenarios
  • Face control: record the actual operator to prevent others to keep taking in substitution

[Efficiency & accuracy]

Improve efficiency and accuracy of key management from angle of access operations, data management and process design.

  • Automatic inventory checking: built-in infrared sensor can make automatically inventory of all keys in 5 minutes, and reduce inventory time by 2.5 hours / day.
  • Automatically record ledgers: automatic logging electronic ledger at each access operation, later you can quickly retrieve data based on the record, shorten the ledgers record time of 2 hours / day
  • Auto - selection of keys: In accordance with the cabinet direction, automatically select the corresponding key, operators do not have to look for it, and guarantee the accuracy, shorten the time of looking for the key for 3 seconds per key.
  • Automatically print labels: take out every shipment key, automatically print shipping labels that match the cabinet, eliminate the manual matching work and shorten time by 3 seconds per label matching
  • Integrating batch instructions: after the labels automatically match, operation of taking key can be done to consolidate multiple instructions at the same time, reduce duplication of walking, and reduce walking time of 5 seconds per instruction.


Ensure the security of key management; access can be apportioned to the receiver, streamline key management personnel

  • Overall workload reduced by 40%

Key keeping: save the time to find the keys, walking around time and energy

Account records: automatically recorded by the key cabinets

Daily inventory: done automatically by the key cabinets

Data retrieval:  fast retrieval by key cabinet software based on filter criteria

  • Key management department save labor by 50%

Access tasks are completed done by the temporary keeper, key management staff can be reduced to 1 person, save staff 50% at Lingang.


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