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Convening of 2016 National Annual General Meeting of Automotive Logistics Industry; Anji Logistics Awarded “Enterprise with Special Outstanding Contribution to The Third Meeting of Automotive Logistics Industry”

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On November 14, 2016, the “2016 National Annual General Meeting of Automotive Logistics Industry”host by Automotive Logistics Branch of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing was held at Xiamen Royal Victoria Hotel. Anji Automotive Logistics Co., Ltd., the gold-medal cooperation enterprise of this meeting, along with over 400 automotive logistics enterprises,enterprises related to logistics services such as important main engine factory and component, railway, and shipping companies, and about 900 guests gathered together, to discuss and analyze the future developing trend of automotive logistics under the new situation, and share relevant technology and management experience.


The meeting was held by Mr. Zuo Xinyu, Secretary-General of Automotive Logistics Branch of CFLP


Mr. He Liming, President of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, giving a speech



Mr. Xin Jianmin, Deputy General Manager of Anji Automotive Logistics Co., Ltd., made an opening speech on behalf of the rotating president unit of this automatic logistics branch. GM Xin expressed, in recent years, Anji Logistics has carried out a large quantity of work and achieved outstanding results under the guidance of the CFLP concept of “coordination, reform, transformation, and innovation.” In the future, it will continue to abide by the corporate spirit of “honesty and trust”, undertake the great task of developing the logistics industry chain of automotive industry with the guest units, promote the resource sharing and win-win cooperation among member units, boost the construction and optimization of the new pattern of automotive logistics under the new situation of Internet economy, and contribute its power to the co-construction of new standards and new technologies of automotive logistics.



Mr. Cai Jin, Vice President of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, making the report “The Influence of China’s Econmic Development Situation and Trend on the Logistics Industry”


Mr. Li Weili, Director of Manufacturing and Information Division of Department of Information Resources of State Information Center, making the report “Analysis and Prediction ofAutomotive Market


Mr. Shen Jinjun, President of China Automobile Dealers Association, making the report Current Situation and Development Trend of Automobile Dealing Industry


Mr. Ma Zengrong, Executive Vice President of Automotive Logistics Branch of CFLP, hosted the “High-end Salon.” Mr. Xin Jianmin, Deputy General Manager of Anji Automotive Logistics, along with representatives of enterprises including Changjiu Logistics, FAW Logistics, CRSCS, CAMSL, Dongfeng Checheng, ZD Logistics, Futian Zhike, and FSL, discussed the reform and trend of China’s logistics industry development under the new situation, and contributed to the future development of the industry with their wisdom and advice.


Group picture of the new generation of leaders of Automotive Logistics Branch



This meeting has also “Vehicle Logistics Branch” and “Automotive Component Logistics Branch”


“Vehicle Logistics Branch” focused on collaboration of logistics enterprises undertheinfluence of the new road policy, and innovation of logistics business model to cope with new challenges and opportunities.


“Automotive Component Logistics Branch” discussed the application of new technologiessuch as smart logistics and big data by component enterprises under the new situation of Internet economy to boost the new round of development of component logistics. Mr. Jin Bin, Executive Director of Logistics Engineering Department of Anji-CEVA Automotive Component Logistics Co., Ltd., made the keynote speech and shared his understanding and relevant managementexperience of Anji-CEVA in the field of smart logistics.  


Besides, Anji Automotive Component Logistics Co., Ltd. and Anji-CEVA Automotive Component Logistics Co., Ltd. were awarded as “Enterprise with Special Outstanding Contribution to The Third Meeting of Automotive Logistics Industry” at this meeting

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