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Strategic Cooperation between SAIC Anji Logistics and TCSC

2021-10-28 Reading 6250

In the afternoon October 27, SAIC Anji Logistics Co., Ltd. and TCSC held the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation. The cooperation in smart supply chain gets off to a good start.

Jointly witnessed by Wang Zemin (General Manager of SAIC Anji Logistics Co., Ltd.) and Yu Guochao (General Manager of TCSC), the contract has been signed by Shen Fei (Vice-general Manager of SAIC Anji Logistics Co., Ltd.) and Ye Lihua (Vice-general Manager of TCSC).

TCSC, established in 2018, is subsidiary of Tianneng Co., Ltd. that is a leading role to play in China's new energy power battery. Before the ceremony, leaders of SAIC Anji Logistics Co., Ltd. visited the exhibition hall of Tianneng Co., Ltd. and TCSC's smart logistics complex.

This cooperation will be based on advantages two parties' industry, transport, technology, products, resources and talents. On the principle of mutual complementation, resource integration, reciprocity and win-win outcome, the extensive business cooperation in several fields will be carried out.  The alliance between giants based on complementary advantage will blaze a new way in high-quality development, set a new example of collation between state-owned enterprise and private enterprise and push new development of smart supply chain and logistics industry.

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