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Greet the National Day with Outstanding Successes! Two car carriers with 2,200 spaces for domestic trade put into service

2021-09-30 Reading 7397

On September 29, two car carriers with 2,200 spaces for domestic trade, Anji 31 and Anji 32, funded and constructed by SAIC Anji Shipping was delivered and named in the second wharf of Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, a subsidiary of Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry. Leaders and distinguished guests are invited to attend the ceremony, including Gu Xiaoqiong (General Financial Manager of SAIC Motor and Director of SAIC Anji Logistics), Wang Zemin (General Manager of SAIC Anji Logistics and director of SAIC Anji Shipping), Xin Jianmin (Vice-general Manager of SAIC Anji Logistics and General Manager of SAIC Anji Shipping), Chen Qing (Secretary of The Party Committee and Director of Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry), Wang Gangyi (Chief Engineer of Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute) and representatives of Qingdao CCS and Shuangxi Maritime Affairs.

On the ceremony, Chen Qing and Wang Zemin made a speech and signed the delivery protocol.

Later, two car carriers are named "Anji 31" and "Anji 32" by Gu Xiaoqiong.

Two roll-on-roll-off ships will be delivered before peak season during the fourth quarter, which will supplement the shortage of transport capacity after Anji 23 and Anji 24 are assigned to domestic trade. This lays a solid foundation for international strategy and annual sales target of SAIC Motor and development landscape of interplay between domestic circulation and international circulation.

Two car carriers with 2,200 spaces for domestic trade, "Anji 31" and "Anji 32" are designed by Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute and constructed by Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry. This ship type is secondary development of the car carrier with 2,000 spaces. The electronic fuel injection engine greatly lowers fuel consumption. The fuel cost per ship is lower 17.5% than previous type. "Anji 31" and "Anji 32" turn out to be safer, more effective and eco-friendly.

This ship is 141.2m, 24.4m and 6m in length, width and depth, with springboards at stern. Nine layers of deck carrying vehicles are provided, including one movable deck for sedan, motorbus, heavy truck, engineering machinery and others. The navigational speed is 16km and shipping kilometer is about 5,000nm.

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