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The First Innovative Engineer Activity of Anji Logistics Successfully Held

2018-03-01 Reading 22742


On February 28, the Innovative Engineer Training and AI Expert Series Lectures hosted by Anji Logistics Innovation WorkCommittee was held at the SAIC-Anji AI Lab.



Secretary of Party Committee Cai Guo and Deputy General Manager Shen Fei of Anji Logistics unveiled the plaque of “Home of Engineers”


Deputy General Manager Shen Fei of Anji Logistics said during his speech: “Innovation is an eternal theme of enterprise development. Faced with the rapid development of external environment and competition among the industry, we should accelerate the innovative transformation during the thirteenth five-year plan period, create company’s core competitiveness through large-scale application of the latest technologies at present such as IoT, big data, and AI, and maintain our leading position in this industry.”


Prof. Jin Zhongxiao, the chief AI expert of Anji Logistics, gave a lecture about the development trend of modern logistics technology, and shared his experience with the engineer team about Anji Logistics’ AI project.

The responsible person of Secretariat of Innovation Work Committee introduced the main work of the innovative engineer team, and reported the progress of innovation work project. Elite engineers from various traditional and emergingbusiness sectors participated in this event.


In order to respond to and implement the “new four modernizations” requirement of SAIC Motor, and accelerate the “intelligent, social, diversified and international” construction of innovative transformation of Anji Logistics during the “thirteenth five-year plan”, Anji Logistics set up the Innovation Work Leading Group, under which is the Innovation Work Committee. On February 28, the “Home of Engineers” was officially started. This is the platform for exchange of wisdom, field for fusion, and soil for innovation and practice. Through “Home of Engineers”, we hope to plant the seed of innovation into the heart of each employee, to boost the innovative transformation of the company!


Up to this day, Anji Logistics has developed into a globalenterprise with about 20 billion yuan of output value and about 100,000 employees. The “Home of Engineers” will become the bridge and link to connect technical elites and business backbones distributed throughout the country!

 Here, Anji’s employees will not only come face-to-face with more industry experts and grasp industry dynamicsin first time, but also find companions and comrades to fight together, and put individual talent to good use!


As the bridge and link, the Innovation Work Committee will also continue to host relevantactivities and exchange meetings, striving to promote the innovation work from different dimensions and depths, enrich the connotation of innovation, expand the fields of innovation, implement innovation projects, and train talent for innovation work!

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