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Anji Logistics Signed with SAIC Motor International to Create International Intelligent Supply Chain

2017-10-20 Reading 19486

On January 3, 2018, a strategic cooperationagreement was signed between Anji Automotive Logistics Co., Ltd. and SAIC Motor International Commerce Co., Ltd. (referred to as SAIC Motor International) at the Shanghai headquarters of SAIC Motor International.

Based on the overall overseas group strategy and the principle of market-oriented operation, with the distribution center and operation headquarters constructed through investment by SAIC Motor International in Free Trade Zone as the carrier, both parties will co-construct an international intelligent supply chain service platform integrating international operation and global supply chain service. Through this cross-plate strategic coordination, whole-supply chain “end-to-end” service capacity will be formed for the overseas operation of SAIC Motor to realize overtaking around the curve and create value.

General Manager Yu De of Anji Logistics expressed: with the support of the complete international strategy of SAIC Motor and its international distribution center, combine the global arrangement of Anji Logistics and the development smart logistics, provide premium and smart international supply chain operation plan for SAIC Motor International, and escort SAIC Motor to spread its great reputation around the globe.


This strategic cooperation is aimed at exerting the accumulative advantages of Anji Logistics in automotive logistics further, realizing the coordination of its international business and service trade, striving to create an intelligent and top-notch global supply chain with SACI Motor International, and promoting the accelerate implementation of the group’s overseas strategy.

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